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With years of direct marketing knowledge and services available, jfstoner specializes in allowing you and your company to say “YES!”. jfstoner provides a variety of customized solutions that can be tailored to your specific project needs.

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This challenging economic climate has brought about change. Businesses now more than ever are looking for ways to cut expenses in order to save money and survive. Outsourcing may be a good way to do just that...take into consideration how much your company spends yearly on software, maintenance of that software, and personnel. These all being hard costs that are constant regardless of the fluctuation in sales or production. That said, now consider outsourcing through jfstoner’s services...now you can remove software, maintenance of that software, and some of your production personnel. Since jfstoner’s direct marketing production services are based on a per thousand cost, your company’s production expenditure is directly related to sales and allows for the fluctuation of such. It is almost a no-brainer.

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