Data Conversion
- Convert mailing data to the desired format.

  • Transform data casing (make uppercase/lowercase, or all uppercase)
  • Parse Name or Address parts
  • Combine Name or Address parts

Address Quality
- Scrub your database and apply USPS list hygiene standards.

  • CASS & PAVE certify your data against the latest USPS address database
  • Standardize and correct abbreviations, spelling, and city names
  • Add ZIP+4, CRRT, LOT, and barcode information to your data
  • Verify DPV
  • Find movers with NCOA processing
  • De-dupe/Merge-Purge your data to eliminate duplicates and save on postage

Data Manipulation - The sky is the limit.

  • Assign sequence numbers
  • Select and assign codes
  • Math functions
  • Date functions
  • Advanced formatting
  • Matching
  • Reporting
  • Much more
  • Sorting
  • Geocoding

Presort - Sort your data in order return the maximum possible postage savings.